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 Welcome to Online Wrestling!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Online Wrestling!   Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:23 am

Welcome everyone to the forum dedicated to Online Wrestling

I have been learning how to make browser-based games for a while, started and stopped a few projects, which are now just floating around my computer.
I then decided to try and build a Text-based wrestling simulation game, mainly for fun in my spare time and thought I could use some features in other projects I may attempt.

After about a year of working on it bit by bit, I have actually built a fairly simple but playable game, and decided, why not release it as this is the closest I have ever gotten to an actual game.

So I've decided to use this forum as a way of building a small community of people who would like to play a game like this. I need people to test it out, try and find any errors and input some new ideas.

Features will be explained in a lot more detail, but here is a general overview of the current features (as of 21/02/2012):
- Create a wrestler
- Level up styles
- By Levelling styles, you can level skills
- Purchase Perks
- Gain Exposure
- Learn new moves
- Train moves
- Create a Move Combo, Signatures and Finishers
- Basic message system
- View and search other wrestlers
- And most importantly, Have a Singles match!

Currently the site is not live anywhere, but I hope to get it up somewhere soon, once I feel a few players can have a bit of fun on it.

There is no chatbox their currently, so everyone will have to do their chatting here. I am hoping to either find a simple chatbox or create a simple one myself.

So sign up, have a chat and start your journey as the ultimate Online Wrestler!
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Welcome to Online Wrestling!
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